Thursday, May 9, 2013

Butterflies & Courage

What is a blog without posts?  Again, this is a learning curve for this cowgirl.  Yes, this is my blog home, yet as a late bloomer in life and Blog Land, I want to make a difference.   So after such kind, encouraging comments, I admit to having a tummy of excited butterflies and increased courage.  My heart could explode with gratitude for those that took the time to make me feel at home and most of all, safe.  My heart's passion is to do the same for you ~ help you feel encouraged and safe.  I love the image of us together on our horses riding off into the sunset. We do need each other to be brave!  We need friendships in all shapes and sizes.  We are here together from all over the world to lift each other up, to learn from each other, and to inspire each other's passions.  I am falling in love with so many new friends.

Another brave confession.  I am chronologically 61 years old, yet there is a child inside that is becoming freed up to "let the words fall out," to create like never before, and to play.  My heart's desire is to inspire cowgirls of all ages to tap into their inner children too.  I'm having a problem with a few words such as "elderly," "senior" (unless it helps me get into movies cheaper), and "old" (as in, "She is old.").  How about not even using these words, and instead, just be women or even better, "cowgirls."  Thank you, Theresa Jarosz Alberti for sharing this fabulous video!


  1. Wow Brave Cowgirl - look at you posting your 2nd awesome post - count me in to be called a Cowgirl rather than old or senior.

    So - so proud of you.
    Cowgirl Erin

  2. Thank you, beautiful, inspiring, and always encouraging, Cowgirl Erin <3

  3. Let your words fall out Brave Cowgirl! You're doing excellent! And I love that we can all be "Brave Cowgirls!"

  4. Thank you, Stacy, for your sweet, validating words. They are such a gift to me!