Saturday, May 18, 2013

Me, Myself, & I

A close friend had surgery yesterday to remove one breast, and have reconstruction at the same time.  The last time I saw her, I said, "You are not afraid, are you?"  She said, "No, I have so much support."  First of all, she has lots of faith.  She knows God is in control, not her. And, next, she is surrounded by family and friends that love her dearly. Some were at the hospital waiting all day while others were praying that all would go well.  So far, it looks like all did go very well.  The cancer was taken out completely, so there may not even need to be follow up treatment.

What spoke volumes to me was that my friend was not afraid.   Her courage while waiting to have surgery, meaning the weeks before, was inspiring.   Her ability to enjoy her life continued in spite of not knowing all that was ahead reflected a bright light of bravery to me.  My friend was and is one brave cowgirl!

Another close friend was on a road trip with her daughter.  She shared that her daughter wanted the two to split up, have time apart.  I love my friend's take.  "I went off and spent time with my three best friends, Me, Myself, and I." Now we all have those best friends if we allow ourselves to have them.

Friendship is a part of this blog.  It is invaluable to me. There have been numerous times when the support of friends got me through some difficult circumstances.  Friends have been my support in times when my courage felt weak as well as in times of much happiness.  Friends have helped me to be brave!

Cowgirls, go out and spend time with, and get to know that "best friend" that you have inside.  You have a tremendous resource just waiting to be called upon.  Would you consider me a friend, too, that wants to share your journey?  Will you share mine? Together, we can be stronger!


  1. Nancy, I can see why friendship is a part of your blog. Like you, my friendship network is invaluable. I'm with you on the inner friend resource always present, never absent. I'm so happy to share your journey. PS. I call myself a cowgirl--I wear Denton, TX breeches.

    1. Hey Sister Cowgirl!!! You are making me smile thinking about those "breeches." Thank you for sharing this journey with me!!! INVALUABLE!!!

  2. Just wanted anyone that read this post to know that I thought my friend had two breasts removed. It turned out the other breast was benign, so only one was removed with reconstruction done at the same time. Sometimes my mind gets discombobulated.