Tuesday, May 14, 2013


"To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3)  Thank you to all the brave cowgirls that commented, affirmed "Be Brave, Cowgirl," and encouraged me to hang on to my horse so to speak.  I was overwhelmed to read their blogs, and to find out what painful circumstances some are in now.  Many are grieving horrendous losses, yet they wrote me words of encouragement. "Encouragement" means to instill courage, to put courage back in.  For many, this spring is a sad time, yet they write blog posts that inspire others, and take time to encourage me.  You all are my heroes. You make me want to rise above my day to day battles, and "pay it forward."

I am loving this spring.  For me, it is a season of beginnings, a time to push through my weaknesses and stand strong.  Yesterday I delighted myself by taking photos of this season's gifts  - peonies drapping white fences, a red silk cotton tree bursting with bright red, etc.  After downloading to my laptop and feeling excited to hold this beauty, somehow the pictures disappeared. Gone in an instant.  Maybe I forgot to import them and/or got distracted watching The Voice or who knows.  Today I had the gift of time to go back to these beauties to try again.  Do you know they were even more gorgeous?  It was as though they were waiting for my return.  A hollyhock even caught my eye!  I, also, wondered what the people in the neighborhood thought if they saw me snapping pictures in front of their homes again.  In California, I really could've been a paparazzi.  As the blooms of spring dry up, there will be new ones in summer.  Just as grief seems to have it's grip on a heart, the time will change to a new purpose.

Be Brave, Cowgirls!  You are appreciated and loved!


  1. Today feels like things are starting to turn around. I have been in a funk the last few weeks. I'm ready!

    1. Kristen, this is the third time I've replied to you tonight. The response keeps ending up in odd places. I'm so glad things started turning around today. You have reasons to be in a funk, yet you know how to shine your light brightly in spite of those reasons. Don't let anyone or anything rob you of your passion to paint, share your gifts/talent with others, etc. Sending love, prayers and strength, my very inspiring friend!

  2. Nancy, I love this: "'Encouragement' means to instill courage, to put courage back in." Wow. Turned my brain sideways in a great way, thank you.

    Also, your writing is so deliciously in the moment.

    I liked the idea of snapping shots of flowers in California being akin to paparazzi.

    Neat! Thanks for posting that you had a new blog post up, or I might not have stopped by.


    1. Hi Alice,

      I'm so happy you stopped by! "Encourage" means in courage. It sounds simple, yet holds a ton of power. Life sure can knock the courage, strength, faith, hope, joy, etc. right out of us. We really do need each other to fill back up. Where would we be without fillers? You are such a courage builder! By the way, I want to take a trip to Reiki Pulse and have a long visit!

      Sending you love and even more courage,


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