Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thank You, Barbara Garcia!

Tragedy and fear have raised their heads again through a tornado in Oklahoma City, a city with more than it's share of heartache. This morning as reality set in even more to those directly involved, we as a nation and throughout the world grieve with them.  The losses are horrendous.  In the midst of the rubble stood Barbara Garcia, an older woman that lived alone with her dog.  In an interview with CBS news, she expressed that she was sitting on a stool holding her dog when the tornado hit.  Her plan had been to go into the bathroom.  Apparently, Barbara and her dog didn't get as far as the bathroom, because when she woke up she was lying in the rubble and saw light.  Barbara said she had prayed that she would be alright, and God answered.  All of a sudden, the journalist interviewing Barbara said, "The dog! The dog!  Hi, Puppy!" Barbara acknowledged that God had answered her second prayer, the safety of her dog.

I want to keep this video.  I want to remember Barbara, her faith, her plan, her light, and her dog.  She is a true inspiration of strength that I want to honor with gratitude.


  1. Nancy, Thank you for sharing Barbara's beautiful and heartwarming experience -such a beautiful story of how God answered both of her prayers, In the midst of the rubble and heartache she and everyone viewing the video saw God's love and light. I think it was meant to be that the reporter was there to capture the moment on tape so it could bring a little joy to others in the midst of tragedy.
    God Bless you for sharing,

  2. Erin, yes, I agree that it was meant to be for the reporter to there, so the story could unfold. That little dog represents a glimmer of hope and light for us all really. I just felt Barbara's heart when she saw her "baby" struggling to get out. May all of the ones experiencing loss right now know that glimmer of hope. May they know that God still cares for them too. Seeing the views from Moore, OK from above before and after the storm is extremely sobering. Thank you for your comments today! They mean more than you could know. I carry the "pink bicycle" with me all the time, because you shared <3